Looking for well reputed International schools in India.

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We are shifting to Bangalore. My child is seven years old. I am looking for him any good international school in Bangalore, India. Could you please tell me about some international schools in India? I also want to know some details about them. Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Marie

    Bangalore is a very big well established city of India. It attracts a large number of people towards itself and has a large number of International schools also. Some recognized schools are The International School Bangalore, Indus International School, Bangalore International School, Mallya Aditi International School etc. International school Bangalore is a private school offering high quality education. The school runs from august to June and admissions are normally completed between January and June for most of the classes.
    Indus International School is also a very reputed school having students from 28 nationalities. It also has all the qualities of a good institution for the children. It provides a completely balanced environment that focuses on shaping children in such a way that they could lead the world in the future. This School aim to create in students a love of learning, a connection to the world and a sense of social responsibility. Bangalore international school is also a very good reputed school especially for Childs of four to five years. It has qualitative education. It is up to class twelve. You should visit to all these mentioned schools to decide the best suited one for your child.


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