satellite used by government deparments to disseminate information during disaster

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satellite used by government deparments to disseminate information during disaster

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  1. Guest11273750
    government sends information on tv y informing it to a public channel and then broadcast it

  2. Guest9952676
    oye are you in kc i'm also nt able to get any matter about this topic this is so hectic
  3. Guest9904221
    prepare a report on how does the government depatments disseminate information during a disaster through satellite?
  4. Fareeha
    DCWDS (Digital Cyclone Warning Dissemination System). It is for the pre-disaster information. As we become increasingly networked, our world will grow smaller and bigger simultaneously. Communication is at the root of the progress of every society. Society is often described as essentially people in communication. The conventional communication tools are: • Telegraphy using copper wire line • Telephony using copper wire line • Television • New papers, books, etc. • Means of Transport All these have undergone tremendous changes and the new technologies emerged are • Mobile Satellite Telephone - Personal Communication Systems • INFOSAT (information satellite) • A major shift from analogue to digital domain • An increase in the value of software as opposed to hardware content • Extension of optical technology towards the local loop coupled with increasing use of optical switches and optical processing • Use of wireless in access technology - New access & Modulation codes • Ultra broad band services • Extensive use of spread spectrum and code division multiple access techniques. Services planned / in existence are: • Virtual Private Networks • PCS - Personal Communication Services • Call Collect Services • Desk top Video conferencing • Card Phone Services • Teleshopping • Video Telephone • Telehealth • Tele-education • Interactive Video & Video on demand • Multimedia transmission / reception • e-mail • e-Governance • e-commerce • Global positioning/timing system along with SATNAV • Digital TV, Direct TV to Home

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