What is a Spy satellite?

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I like to know about the spy satellite, what are their impact on the earth, what happens to the a falling satellite, where does it go?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    A spy satellite is also known as reconnaissance satellite, it is an Earth observation satellite or communication satellite , it is mostly used by military and for intelligence purposes and applications.
    They were first developed as Corona and Zenit and they take images of the earth , basically they are space telescopes. The space technology is governed and ruled by the Americans. In the beginning Russia and America developed systems for missions and for gathering information about the earth but later the space age was dominated by USA. Many missions have been sent in the air to monitor and develop systems to get better understanding of the Space and places on earth.
    In the beginning when there was development of the spy satellite, there were some problems because of lack of proper technology, most of the projects started failed or most of the projects had to be closed due to technical difficulties. But later as technology became advanced, scientists have developed UAV’s and other satellite to get the job done. Apart from a satellite UAV’s are now more advanced form of spy satellite. Basically UAV stands for Unmanned Air Vehicle. It is like a plane without a pilot and its systems are monitored from the ground and data is collected through it. Similarly now some jet fighter planes are also designed to go undetected even with the latest radar system. They are used for spying purposes and also for tactical dog fight as well.

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