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1. a) Construct a scale of 1:60 to show metres and decimetres and long enough to measure upto 6 metres. 8 marks
Ans: Refer problem 4.1 page 4.4 of ED - Basant Agrawal, TMH

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  1. Guest28053604

     how to know he my problem to the systam hou would i ask tto the qtions of the previous papers


  2. Guest26845606

     pls send me  rgpv previous years question paper for be 8th semester in electrical and electronics branch at 

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  4. Guest24881373

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  5. Guest23153024

     plz send the rgpv diploma in CS branch question paper of all the subjects namely Microprocessor , DBMS ,Linux, Computer Network, & Enterprunership.

  6. Guest22864091

     plz send me question paper of  8th  semester rgtecnologypv branch information 

  7. Guest22747604

     i want sampel paper for b.pharm 1st sem for physical chemistry.


  8. Guest22701244

     plz send me 6th sem previous year paper for cs branch

  9. Guest22629632

    please send the B.ed Model quetion paper 2009-2010 

  10. Guest22600294

    last 5 year paper of mca 1 sem with soulation

  11. Guest22474618

     give me civil branch 3sem exam paper last 5year


  12. Guest22473835

     sample paper for 3rd sem mechanical 4 xam prepration

  13. Guest22384065

     2009 dce and 2010 june mca 5 sem paper rgpv all subject

  14. Guest21908127




  15. Guest21875379

    dotnet actual papers of mca for last 3 yrs

  16. Guest21822477

    please send me first semester ME CSE question papers

  17. Guest21767152

    mtech cse rgpv quetion paper

  18. Guest20751130
    last 5years papers of electronic instrumentation of BE 3rd sem
  19. Guest20540614
    second year be civil engg
  20. Guest19131603
    please send the mca 4th sem previous years questions papers
  21. Guest19005676
    trb model question paper in tamil medium
  22. Guest18068668
    NATA sample question papers / previous years question papers
  23. Guest17593903
    basic electrical engineering
  24. Guest16876494
    first year previous question papers i want.please send
  25. Guest16395145
    i want the previous exam paper of measurment science and technices (ei-304)of 2009.
  26. Guest16391495
    rgpv bhopal be-305 network analysis question paper ookkkkkkk
  27. Guest16245439
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  28. Guest16098983
    previous years question papers rgpv question papers
  29. Guest15794421
    public exam question papers(+2,sslc) and tnpsc,trb,upsc, questions

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