Comparison of Salt Water and Fresh Water.

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What is the difference between Salt Water and Fresh Water, are there any similarities between them, which water evaporates fast, can anyone tell?

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  2. Tom Reeds

    The main difference between salt water and Fresh water is that the fresh water is light and it floats on the surface on top of the salt water. This principle is a very useful in different scenarios ,for example, if we consider drilling of a well in order to tap into the ground water. Fresh water has a density of 1.0 while salt water has a density of 1.025. From this principle you can see that salt water is heavier than fresh water. The ratio between the two is 41:40. On the islands where there are large lava rocks, there is a presence of underlying rock structure. It is generally in the shoreline regions where the cracks, crevices and other loose rock spaces offer a hiding place for the salt water.
    There are many coral or porous materials where salt water can easily get through them. There should be proper care which needs to be taken while drilling such areas because deep drilling can cause the eruption of salt water and they will get mixed into the fresh water as a result it will get contaminated. Main source of salt water is sea where it is easily found. The thermal conductivity decreases because of the increase in the salinity and it increases with the increase in the temperature, there are methods where we can check the conductivity of salinity and temperature of salt water. Salinity means that how many molecules of salt are present in it. There is a salinometer which can determine the salt content in he water.

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