Characters of Ken and Lenny.

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I was going to audition for rumors at my school and was hoping if you can give me background info on the characters ken and Lenny I have read the script but i wanted to know what i can do to prepare for these roles and was hoping if you can help me develop these character so i can have a good understanding of Ken and Lenny.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Developing a character is something that every actor has to do themselves, and the way to do is to read the play. Most of the things you need to know about the character is in the play. Anything that I can tell you about them is only a start. I can give you that, but the play is available in any library and if you really want to understand the character, you need to read the play, understand what is happening and what role each character has in the action of the play.

    You can find out about the characters in several ways from the script - by what the playwright says about the character in the stage direction; by what other characters say about him; and by what the character himself says and does. And, believe me, there is tons of information about every character that you can find simply by reading the play.

    Once you have that information, then you can fill in the any blanks that you have from your own imagination. Think about who they are, what they do, what their marriage and family life is like, why they react the way they do in the play. There are no \"right\" or \"wrong\" answers, and every actor (and director) will develop the character a little differently - which is why no two productions are the same. And also why I really can't tell you who Lenny or Ken will be. It's all about your own exploration of the character. As long as the back story or characteristics that you add or discover are supported by the text and do not contradict the text they will be fine.

    When it comes to an audition, you can only guess what a director is looking for. The best thing you can do is to make the choices that make the character your own and then let the director tell you if they'd like you to try it a different way.

    Ken is about 40. He is a lawyer married to Chris, who is a lawyer too but a very nervous woman. He is a little excitable himself but tends to see things from a legal point of view and is generally in control and good at thinking on his feet.

    Lenny is very excitable. He is married to Clair, who is a woman used to being in control but who gradually falls apart through the show. They have just had a car accident to Lenny's much loved new BMW, and he has hurt his neck and broken their expensive gift. He is full of rumors and constantly jumps to conclusions.

    That's just a quick sketch of both characters, but it tells you very little about how they act and react in the play. If you want to know that, then read it. It's fun.

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