Rotational tire noise.

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The original summer tires on my 03 Maxima began making a rotational noise at certain speeds a few months ago. Dealer said it was uneven tire wear. Put the snow tires on and the noise was still there. Dealer claimed it was also caused by uneven tire wear. I broke down and replaced all of the summer tires with Yokohama avid tires, had the dealer do an alignment and...The noise is still there! The service mgr road tested it and cannot hear the noise, but it is driving me crazy. Do you have any knowledge about this? Can someone help me in this? I would be really great full for this help. Thanks in advance.

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    This thing does not work; trying to diagnose a noise over the internet. I must say that there are some obvious things that would cause a noise that might be confused with tire noise bearings and CV joints being the most likely. You should check them and try to find a different mechanic for yourself. Sometimes it happens that the mechanic cannot identify the problem and suggest irrelevant solutions to your problems. You must avoid that and try to look for some other and good mechanic. Why do not you take your car to company’s work shop. They will diagnose the exact problem. I hope this would help you in this. Best of luck

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