Name of a romantic comedy

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I and my wife were trying to find about the movie, the story was about a man who wanted to meet her fiance, can you tell me about the name of that movie.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I think the movie you are talking about is I’d Rather be rich , it was released in the year 1964, it was a romantic comedy film, which was produced by Jack Sight and it was produced by Ross Hunter and in its main cast there was Sandra Dee. This film is about a dying man who wanted to meet his granddaughter fiancé. This movie was first made in the year 1941 and It started with Eve with the gender revised. The Young heiress Cynthia Dulaine when visits a fancy nightclub, she gets attracted to the performer Warren Palmer. The performer whose real name is Andy Williams proposes the girl and he does it in front of the audience. But after sometime she gets the news that his grandfather is dying. Although she was the center of attention of the media still she visited her grandfather to pay visit to him.
    Although Philip was saying that she still hasn’t found the right man but Warren was the man she wanted to be with. Philips pretends that he is ill, Cynthia had to bring back Warren Palmer while the real Warren must be like Paul Benton. Cynthia then takes Warren to a formal ball, she really enjoys his company. Warren felt jealous and he started fight with Paul. Paul then returns to Dulaine mansion, where Cynthia tells her that he is the person whom she is in love with.

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