role of govt and non govt functionaries in locality in disaster management

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role of govt and non govt functionaries in locality in disaster management

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  1. Guest28140281

     hello frends plzzzzzzzzzz help me  in making dis project i will be thankful to u my teacher nd parents both r strict if i loose mark i will be beaten vry badly\

  2. Guest21848249

    please tell me what question are asked to govt. before disaster and after Disaster plz mail me at plz,, do fast

  3. Guest21056495
    well, i got the same question. ng functs are ngos, communities, school principles, cadet camps in school. there are alarms for eth-quakes. NON-GOVERNMENT VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS Many different types of NGOs are already working towards preparedness, relief and rescue, rehabilitation and reconstruction and also in monitoring and feedback. Stage Activity Pre-Disaster: * Awareness and information campaigns * Training of local volunteers * Advocacy and planning During Disaster: * Immediate rescue and first-aid including psychological aid * Supply of food, water, medicines, and other immediate materials * Ensuring sanitation and hygiene * Damage assessment Post-Disaster: * Technical and material aid in reconstruction * Assistance in seeking financial aid * Monitoring (2) THE COMMUNITY the community as an institution in itself is emerging as the most powerful in the entire mechanism of disaster administration. It can reduce the damage caused by the disaster. Awareness and training of the community is particularly useful in areas prone to frequent disasters. e.g: Othe Village Task Force formed in villages of Andhra Pradesh (South Indian State prone to tropical cyclones) by the Church Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA). The Village Task Force has been trained in emergency evacuation and relief within the village. It is elected by the people themselves and during disasters it serves as the nodal body at village level which has to mobilise resources for the community and disseminate necessary information passed on by the outside agencies.
  4. Guest20169336
    haii.. my name is ajmal.I am also in 10th teacher also give this project to me.Realy teachers dont no this answer so they give to us.if any one know this answer.answer it properly on this site ok.........
  5. Guest19389071
    me have the same question too!!!!!teacher given the bakwaaas holiday homework im also in 10th std
  6. Guest18083758
    no role of govt/non govt. functionaries. only tryin to fool people. There is only My role. the school teachers too givin such assignments to students and doing bakwaas.. Isn't it.
  7. Guest15870741
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  8. Guest11578318
    what is for this google site is made?Only to take answers from people & not giving any informations on this topic!is this site is fool or what?is this site has no brain?stupid site....
  9. Guest10973455
    give me the answer
  10. Guest10327010
    what is the role of givt,/non govt. in your localities?

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