Rims for Jeep Wrangler

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Recently I have bought a brand new Jeep. My new and trendy 93 Jeep Wrangler currently has 15- 31/10.5 tires with custom aluminum rims on it.
What I am looking out that I would like to go to a less wide tire for the upcoming winter months with different rims. Is it possible for me to do so? As you now without having to buy new rims, I have been told that Ford or Dodge rims would also work on a Jeep. It a 5 bolt pattern with a 3 center hole on my current rims. Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed. Please sort it out for me and help me by sharing some useful info.


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  1. John


    It is quite simple, you might be able to fit P235/75R15s on the rims, but the rims cannot be any wider than 8. You should probably look at the tire calculator on It is quite informative and you can get and ideal about what you are looking for. But I cannot help you with other rims, as you know that brake calipers have to be considered and I just do not have any charts on rims. I hope you can understand. Let me clear you one thing that if I were you I would ask at web site that is devoted to Jeeps. But still you can find out some useful info on this link. Surely someone there has already done the homework. I hope this will work.


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