What is the exact Rim size?

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I was just wondering if the rims off a 1996 4 runner will fit my 88 4 runner? I have visited the nearest tire shop and found that there are 15 inch tires on my runner and the tires from the 96 are 16s. Do I have a choice or I have to go with the flow. Any idea what to do now? I guess you can provide me some useful information regarding this issue.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    I will try to give you some good piece of information about this tire issue. Let me clear you one thing that technically, this is a rim question, and I am a tire expert, but I will tell you what information I have available.

    Interestingly, both vehicles have the same bolt pattern 6 X 139.7mm - but I do not know if there are differences with the brake caliper. If I were you, than defiantly I will try it once, as there is no problem when the basic details are quite similar to each other. My best guess is no, but I cannot be sure. I think you can try it, if it suits you best.

    I am always happy to be of your help, I guess I have answered your question but if you have more questions related to the exact rime size then be confident to ask me again and again. Feel free to share your opinion on this issue as well.


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