restarting ballet at 25

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Hi, I took many years of different types of dance and was very serious about my studies. I have done tap, jazz, modern and ballet for about 12 years, but got away from it after I graduated high school. I'm 25 now and would love to go back now that I'm out of college. I mostly miss ballet, but am wondering if I should start right back on pointe? I have stayed very in shape and still have my range of motion, but have taken up running as well, so I might be a little stiffer nowadays.  I am thinking about just doing some dance workouts on my own first, and then re-trying pointe... is this a good idea? Thanks!

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  1. Mitchel

    You are 25, and its not a no no age for a ballet dance beginner, you can join the adult ballet classes. At your age human body naturally grows stiff and the level of flexibility is at the minimam levels. I would recommend you not to immediately start ballet dancing on pointe, a it can be harmful. Therefore,  i would suggest you to go for rigorous practice in ballet dancing, until you feel ready to try on the pointe shoes.

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