reprography and micrography

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reprography and micrography

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     A micrograph or photomicrograph is a photograph or similar image taken through a microscope or similar device to show a magnified image of an item. It is a Jewish art form developed in the 9th century, with parallels in Christianity and Islam, utilizing minute Hebrew letters to form representational, geometric and abstract designs.While, Reprography is the reproduction of graphics through mechanical or electrical means, such as photography or xerography. Reprography is commonly used in catalogs and archives, as well as in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.
    Initially, micrography was used to save space and for archival purposes, however now its uses have increased manifold. Reprography is now a special part of information centers and libraries as well as users play an important role in communicating the recorded knowledge. Using reprographic and micrographic techniques, bulky archives and newspapers could be condensed thereby solving storage problems.

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