Replacing Eagle GT II P215 65R15 95T.

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I want to replace the left rear Eagle GT II tire on my 91 Toyota Previa. I was thinking about getting one Michelin of the same size (since Goodyear was out of stock) but the salesperson said that the Michelin was a 95S and I should get a 95T so I should get the BF Goodrich 95S of the same size.
I understand that ideally it is good to get all four tires of the same brand, model and size but what should I consider if I do get only one tire? Should I rotate that new tire to the front so that I have two of the same on the rear axle? Do you have any expertise in this? Can someone give me any advice here on this? I would really appreciate the favor. Thanks in advance for the help

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    Hey there, as you stated, ideally all 4 tires should be the same size type and state of wear. However, if you cannot do that, you should have the tires "paired" on an axle. If you cannot do that, then the tire ought to be the same type as the other 3. That means it ought to be a T speed rated and it should be mounted on the rear. This is what I can share from my knowledge and expertise here. I have asked some friends about this and they answered the same to me. Hope this answer will help you in this query. Best of luck with this


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