How to replace shower k***s.

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How can I replace my shower k***s? Please help me to fix my shower k***s.

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  1. James Augustus

    You can replace your shower k***s to add elegance and beauty to your bathroom or even to replace your non-functioning k**b with new one. It is not a big deal. Anyone can do it. Shower k***s are available in a variety of colors, types, and fashions in the market. The thing you need to know is to ensure that the k***s you are getting are either universal, or brand-specific to your bathroom fixture. You can find the brand if you look at the k***s, or around them. Usually, there is always a brand stamp, carved on the k***s.

    First of all find the s***w on your k**b. Then unscrew this s***w to release the handle from the k**b. If you unable to find a s***w then s***w must be hiding under the cover placed for decoration. It is better to get your flat end screwdriver to unscrew, and fix it in between the k**b and decorative disk in the center of the k**b. Then, take away the s***w. Pull the k**b toward you to place aside.

    Then, exert some pressure to push on the new k**b, making sure to pay attention to the water temperature indicators. As you face the k***s, plumbing is always established as hot water on the left, cold water on the right.

    Attach the s***w to the middle of the k**b, and place any decorative wrap to cover the s***w. Your new k***s are now fixed and ready for your use now.

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