removal of stuck object in hose

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removal of stuck object in hose

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, 1. Select the correct water or radiator hoses at your auto parts retailer. These are Gates radiator hoses # 22837 and 22834 for Mazda6 models 2003 to 2008. 2. Remove the old clamps whether they are adjustable or tension. Use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the s***w that controls the tension of an adjustable clamp to move it out of the way. If the clamp is a wire tension clamp, use pliers and squeeze the clamp to move it to an area of the hose that is more 3.Take a picture of the original placement if you have a digital camera so you can replicate it. Mark where the old hose came to on the machinery so you can put the replacement up the same amount and avoid leakage. 4.Slit the old hose with a utility knife if it has seized to the machinery to aid in removal. Now use a piece of coarse sandpaper to clean the area where the hose was stuck to the automobile part. Clean the other connection areas while they are free. 5.Block the rear wheels, jack up the Mazda6 one side at a time, put the jack stands in place and let the car down on the jack stands. Place a container below the radiator to catch the coolant mixture so it does not go into the storm drains and thus the ground water. 6. Do away with the top hose by slipping it off the radiator shroud at one end and the thermostat housing at the other. Drain the radiator by opening the drain plug located at the bottom, or take out the bottom hose and discard with the old clamps. Sand the areas where the old hose met the Mazda6 parts to remove pieces of hose and other grit. Pour the old coolant into an empty coolant bottle and dispose of properly.

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