The raster scan display

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I have my question regarding the Raster Scanning process. I want to be explained clearly about the raster scanning process, the raster scan display. Besides, I want to know that are there any advantages and disadvantages associated with the Raster Scanning Process?

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  1. Harry

    A raster scan, or raster scanning, is the rectangular pattern of image capture and reconstruction in television. By analogy, the term is used for raster graphics, the pattern of image storage and transmission used in most computer bitmap image systems. The pattern left by the tines of a rake, when drawn straight, resembles the parallel lines of a raster. Hence this line-by-line scanning is what creates a raster. It is a systematic process of covering the area progressively, one line at a time. In a raster scan, an image is subdivided into a sequence which is usually horizontal with the strips known as scan lines. Each scan line can be transmitted in the form of an analog signal as it is read from the video source, as in television systems, or can be further divided into discrete pixels for processing in a computer system. This ordering of pixels by rows is known as raster order, or raster scan order. Analog television has discrete scan lines called discrete vertical resolution, but does not have discrete pixels that is horizontal resolution. It instead varies the signal continuously over the scan line. Thus, while the number of scan lines is unambiguously defined, the horizontal resolution is more approximate, according to how quickly the signal can change over the course of the scan line. The only disadvantage it has that the signals can be interfered and captured by others.

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