Where can i find list of top 100 Screenplay Writers?

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Send me the list of top 100 Screenplay Writers, Independent.

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  1. Guest23313421

    Name of famous screenwriters are given below:
    Benjamin Glazer
    Emma Thompson
    Geoffrey Fletcher
    John Singleton
    Spike Lee
    Lonnie Elder
    Suzanne de Pass
    Wang h*i Ling
    Tsai Kuo Jung
    George Bernard Shaw

  2. Tom Reeds

    List of some of the most famous screenwriters
    Robert Riskin
    Paul Haggis
    Dudley Nicholas
    Woody Allen
    David Lean
    Laurence Olivier
    Frances Hackett
    Frances Goodrich
    David Seilder
    Mark Boal
    Dustin Lance Black
    Diablo Cody
    Michael Arndt
    Paul Haggis

  3. Guest23313418

    Below are some of the famous screenwriters:
    Elliot Clawson
    Frances Marion
    Sarah Y Mason
    Paul Green
    Sonya Levien
    Casey Robinson
    George Rogers
    Frances Goodrich
    Albert Hackett
    Joan Harrison
    Emeric Pressburger
    George Foeschel

  4. Guest23313414

    Some of the best screenwriters are
    Alvin Sargent

    Ruth Prawer
    Alan Jay
    Robert Bolt
    Frank Cavett
    Horton Foote
    Bo Goldman
    Leo McCarey
    Billy Wilder
    Francis Ford
    Peter Jackson

  5. Guest23313410

    Some of the best Screenplay writers are
    Billy Wilder
    Woody Allen
    Charles Brackett
    John Huston
    Federico Fellini
    Francis Ford
    Paddy Chayefsky
    Ingmar Bergman
    Leo McCarey
    Ben Hecht
    Carl Foreman
    Oliver Stone

  6. Guest23313413

    Here are some of the famous screenwriters
    Robert Benton
    Joseph Mankiewicz
    Michael Wilson
    George Seaton
    Stanley Shapiro
    Melvin Frank
    Edward Anhalt
    Dalton Trumbo
    Frances Marion
    Waldo Salt

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