"ie7 lag time when opening web pages, why?"

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I am using internet explorer 7 and it takes a lot of time loading and opening web pages. Even when I open a new blank tab it takes 10 to 15 seconds for opening. Any idea why ie7 lag time when opening web pages.

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  1. princevj

    Slow web pages could be the result of dns server timeouts. Your router is probably getting the dns servers from your Internet provider. (Logging on to the router should tell you the routers dns server IP address).

    The PC's could be getting their dns server IP address either from your Server or the 2700HGV router. Disconnecting your server from the network and connecting a PC to the router should test this premise.

    Take your server out of equation and see if Internet access and webpages speeds up. later test your speed here

  2. James Augustus

    If your Internet browser is slow then you need to do 5 things to enhance its speed:
    1. Upgrade your browser to a newer version of Internet Explorer. For that you require to visit Microsoft official website for its downloading.
    2. In case you experience slow internet browsing then you need to reset your Internet Explorer settings.
    If Internet Explorer stops to respond or work properly, if you experience errors showing that Internet Explorer needs to close, or if browsing speed is very slow then you might require resetting Internet Explorer settings.

    If you want to reset Internet Explorer settings automatically then you will run the Reset Internet Explorer Settings Fix It option.
    3. Slow internet browsing could be because of your slow internet connection. This happens if you have the presence of viruses, spyware, and other programs, or outside factors, like heavy traffic on a website. Windows XP users should see Possible issues and resolutions for slow Internet connection speeds
    To get further assistance visit:
    4. Add-ons of the browser sometimes conflict or interfere with other programs or software of your person computer that may slow down internet browsing speed.
    In that case you disable the add-ons that may solve the issue. Only activate those add-ons which you want to use.
    To disable add-ons automatically then run the Internet Explorer Add-on Fix It.
    5. You can get further assistance by visiting following pages:

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