"Work shirts with Wal-Mart logo, Can I wear?"

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I have work shirts with Wal-Mart logo and I am wondering to know that can I wear it while I am not at work.

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  1. James Augustus

    I think Malmart do not allow its employees to wear work shirts outside their stores. It is better to contact Walmart people to get exact information about it. However, I have seen many people who wear Wal-Mart logo shirt other than work. I think there is nothing wrong wearing its logo shirt anywhere. So wearing uniform is something different from wearing Walmart logo shirt.
    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc is branded as Walmart in 2008. Before that it was Wal-Mart. It is a very successful American multinational corporation that has a network of chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. The company has generated US$258 billion of its sales in the U.S. from grocery business in 2009. By revenue, Walmart was the world's largest public corporation in 2010.
    Sam Walton founded the company in 1962. It was incorporated on October 31, 1969. The company has publicly started trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. WalMart headquartered is located in Bentonville, Arkansas which is the largest majority private employer. It is considered as the largest grocery retailer in the United States.. It also operates and owns the Sam's Club retail warehouses in the United States and Canada.
    Walmart has more than 8,500 stores which are located in 15 countries having 55 different names. It runs its business under its own name in the 50 states of the United States. It also operates under the name of Walmart in Puerto Rico. It operates in the United Kingdom as Asda, in Mexico as Walmex, in Japan as Seiyu, and in India as the name of Best Price. In Argentina, Brazil, and Canada, it has wholly owned operations. Investments of the Walmart outside North America have shown mixed results. its operations are highly successful in the United Kingdom, South America and China, whereas its ventures in Germany and South Korea were unsuccessful.

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