How to make an Indian dish quesadilla?

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I am Indian and my kids love cheese quesadilla, I have quesadilla maker but do not know the recipe to make the quesadilla. Can someone tell me the recipe and items used in preparing quesadilla?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You can see the recipe of Indian dish Quesadilla at the following link

  2. Angelina

     Please follow following steps to make delicious Indian dish quesadilla:
    • Start your sandwich grill or quesadilla maker. By the time you've gathered the components it should be prepared to cook.
    • Layer refried beans up on a tortilla. You may desire to sprinkle a little taco seasoning over the beans as shown. (Yes, a quesadilla recipe can advantage from taco ingredients!)
    • Cover the refried beans with shredded cheese. A "Mexican blend" flavours large on a quesadilla but nearly any dissolve adept dairy cheese will work, even mozzarella!
    • If you like your nourishment peppery, you can add a couple of pickled jalapeno slices. Diced green chilies are a pleasant feel for those who like milder food. (Both are shown here.)
    • Layer a second tortilla on peak (technically producing this a sincronizada other than a quesadilla, which would be bent over). Place the stack on your warmed grill and close the lid.
    • Transfer your quesadilla back to the plate when the dairy cheese has completely melted. The time will alter counting on the warmth of your grill, but normally it will only take a minute or two.
    • Top with salsa, guacamole, or anything hits you’re fancy. The demonstration displays a dollop of tart elite over salsas rojo y verde to echo the colors of the Mexican flag.
    • Garnish with chips, drops, and so on as desired. Nacho chips, white dairy cheese jalapeno drop, and a little habanero paste are shown here.

  3. Judi
    Quesadilla is a Mexican cuisine. It is most importantly cheese with cooking ingredients. The recipie of Indian Quesadilla is so easy. You can make flour tortillas and vegetable quesadilla. For flour tortillas, ingredients are 1 3/4 cups flour, 2 tea spoons butter, 1 /2 tea spoons salt, 1/2 tea spoons baking powder, approx 1/2 cup warm milk or water. For the vegetable filling Quesadilla, you need all vegetables which are available in market. The ingredients of vegetable quesadilla filling are cabbage, onions, beans, carrots, baby corn, sweet corn, green peas, mushrooms, spring onions, capsicum and any vegetables of your choice. For the flour tortillas quesadillas, first mix all the components except milk. Now gradually add the moderately hot milk or water to knead to supple dough, kneading well for 4 to 5 minutes. Keep apart for 15 minutes and throughout this seated time of dough, arrange the vegetable filling. Make lemon dimensions globes of the dough and utilising a revolving pin to roll out like very slim rotis of approx 8″-9″ size. Preheat a griddle and location each tortilla on the warm griddle for only 4-5 seconds on each edge and remove. They shouldn’t be baked dark at this stage. Keep apart all the thinly toasted tortillas. For the vegetable filling quesadilla, first chopped all the vegetables and filling and place the chopped vegetables in the center of tortilla. Then take fork and seal the edges of tortilla. Then cook it as flour quesadilla.

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