pygmy goat has diarreaha

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we just got a female pygmy goat 2 days ago. She has diarreaha and we dont know what it could be from

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  1. Maira
    First and foremost...Get some pepto bismal (yes, the pink stuff for humans) and fill her bottle with a little pedialyte, and the pepto. I would guess at least 15 ccs of pepto, and 15cc pedialyte. Stop feeding the fruit and rice cereal...this is not beneficial to her diet. Promptly pull all her feed...the milk, grain, carrots, hay, etc. You have to dry this up as soon as possible...two days is dangerous. She is getting dehydrated, and the food/milk/fruits are further irritating her bowels. You should notice a difference in a few hours. Keep her on this solution for 24 hours. If she drys up, you may slowly introduce small amounts of milk (no cereal) and reduce the pepto. If you start feeding her, and she gets the runs again, go back to pedialyte/pepto. Hold off on the grain until you get this under control, and offer small amounts of hay...You may also purchased a probiotic paste...this will help her get her "good bacteria" back in her rumen. You may write me again if I have not answered all your concerns...I hope she makes sound like a loving goat mom!

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