Putting higher profile tires on truck

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I have recently asked a lot of stuff here, and I am happy that you answered all. Now what I want to know is that I have 2003 Toyota Tundra with Access cab, V8 and 17 stock rims. The tires currently on there are P265/65R17 110s, my question is could I put a higher profile tire like a P265/70R17? How would this affect my handling, gas mileage and overall effect on truck? I want to know the salient aspects of any change that may occur as a result. Tell me is there any negative aspect of putting higher profile tires on my truck. I hope you can answer me comprehensively.

Thank you.

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  1. John


    There is usually enough room to go a little bit larger in both diameter and width, but the folks that do the measurements that confirm this keep this information secret. They think it gives them a competitive advantage. I do not think so, as higher profile tires are just a way to show off. But it might be possible you tire remains a good condition for a very long time. Otherwise handling, gas or mileage is not directly involved.

    But small changes in sizing are not significant compared to what changing tires (brand, type, etc.) do. It seems there is not visible different in terms of speed can be measured, as I have not seen such result in my truck as well. Recently I did the same thing with my truck and still I am driving it on the same old speed.


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