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Hello I need help myself. My question is right up your friend! Please do not be annoyed, but I actually have a couple different but related questions.
First, when I clicked on your city I did not know you should pop up. I wanted to find the names of any magazines in your area that are geared towards high-end homeowners. I am interested in finding publications that would have articles about topics such as lifestyle, design, entertaining, travel, and ideas related to the home and garden. Also, can you provide the name of a writer at the main newspaper that specializes in articles related to gardening and outdoor entertaining? Also, how in the heck to I find people responsible for decorating and redecorating all the casinos and hotels in your city! What top firms/people I should contact out there? Thanks for all your help. I truly appreciate your time and willingness to share your expertise.

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  1. Angelina

     Considering the dimensions and riches of this market, there are very few. Phoenix Home and Garden is likely the one with the biggest circulation. Southwest Art may be enough for your needs. A famous publication for that demographic, but not inevitably concentrated on home and garden, is Phoenix Magazine.
    You can consider below mentioned link to the home section of The Arizona Republic:
    I don't have a title for you. Here is the sheet of contacts; at least it's a place to start!
    We hope this will help you regarding your query.

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