Have any idea about the post defense play?

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My 13 years old son wants to play at post defense. Can someone tell me the some tips for post defense play? I hope you can help me.

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  1. Judi

    It is extremely tough to guard a good post defense in basketball. A good post defense will be productive at getting you off balance and out of position. It is your job to avert those things from happening. Follow these steps to play good mail defense.
    Beat him to the spot. Every post defense is more productive the nearer they are to the basket. The first key to playing mail protecting against is to hold your man from posting up right under the basket. Stay centered. It is very significant that you manage not thin on one edge or the other of the mail player's body.
    Maintain a good defensive stance. When you play mail protecting against it is so straightforward to comic more level than you should. Make certain you hold your knees angled and stay prepared to move. You will not put both hands on the mail player's back or you will be called for a foul. Many mail players depend on bumping into the mail protector in alignment to get him off balance and clear space to get his shot off.
    Challenge the shot. The entire key of playing mail protecting against is to make the post defense take as awful a shot as likely and to make the shot as tough as likely to convert. Box out and get the rebound. Your job is not completed after the contestant you are defending takes his shot. Box him out and make certain that if he misses he will not get an attack rebound.


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