pooled quota wait list confirmation chances are there or not?

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pooled quota wait list confirmation chances are there or not?

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  1. Guest27931652

     what mens pooled quota

  2. Guest27903108

     I have got reservation with W/L 32,PQWL, W/L 12 from Mogul Sari (MGS) to Vijayawada (BZA)  will it be confirmed.  I also want to know whether PQWL will come into RAC.

  3. Guest27902121

     My reservation tickets pooled quota waiting list 10, 11, 12,13 from bangalore to kurnool.  It is confirmed to berths.  

  4. Guest23422076

     wait list 71 will be conferm or not

  5. Guest23116311

    In certain long distance trains the quota is earmarked on certain important stations. These are called as remote locations. When the general quota provided at these locations is full and subsequently RAC is full, and waiting list has started, it is called RLWL. When the general quota at source station is full and subsequently RAC is full, and waiting list has started, it is called WL.

    There are certain long distance trains, which have end-to-end quota. A maximum quota is allotted to the train starting station and booking is permitted from source station to the destination station. The passenger can book from starting station to destination station out of this quota. At this location a small quota is allotted for the booking of passengers from a roadside station to the other roadside station, which is called PQ (Pooled Quota). When this quota is full, PQWL starts.

    Please note that your reservation request is processed by the centralized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) of Railways and allotment of accommodation is done by the System without any manual intervention and confirmation your ticket depends upon the cancellation and on existing railway rules. You will get the final status of your ticket after preparation of chart. 

  6. Guest22919566

    hai all,

     i hav booked a ticket from trivandrum in SL,its showing Booking Status
    (Coach No , Berth No., Quota-S1 , 48,PQ )

    Current Status
    (Coach No , Berth No.)-CNF

    is dis mean confirmed?

    because its showing  S1 48,PQ(pooled quota)

    at d same time status is confirmed with coach n seat num

    pls sum 1 help me vit dis?


  7. Guest22676783

    If it is showing confirmed and seat it says 0000.....means that the ticket is confirmed but chart is not prepared. Once chart gets prepared the seat will be allocated. So no need to worry..

  8. Guest22665822

    Hey i have also booked one ticjet from gwalior to bangalore with PLWL 18 in AC 3-tier , but i dont think it will get confirmed . But hope for the best if it gets confirmed , it will be party time for me.

  9. Guest22288108

    i have pqwl 1 wat r tge chances after chart preparation???

  10. Guest21658412

    I booked a ticket 2nd class sitting from chennai to bangalore one month before.... when i booked the ticket it was PQWL 37. I was checking the status regularly... it showed me the current status as PQ36 for many days,. all on a sudden the status came as CFM when i was checking today.,, but when i try to take a printout the seat number is not coming... it is "000".

    Not sure whether i can travel or not,,, yesterday was diwali festival and the crowd would be more... so i dont want to cancel my ticket... anybody give me some suggestions today itself... thanks,,,,

  11. Guest20348047
    I shall be knowing tonight after 1.5 hrs then will inform you. I am holding PQWL1 ticket from Trichy to Tuticorin.
  12. Guest19789939
    I have booked a ticket to Nasik from Banglore two mnoths ago.At the time of booking it was in pqwl status. Amonth before it has come down to wl.But since a month there is change in my waitlist status. Will i get a confirmed ticket?
  13. Guest19156917
    i dont know

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