Techniques to improve Pointe Ballet

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I have nice ballet technique, I have trained for about two and a half, three years. i want to know about the techniques I should have down before I go on pointe shoes.

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  1. Sash

     On the tips of the toes or commonly known as Pointe technique is a part of classical ballet technique, usually practiced using specially reinforced shoes called Pointe shoes or toe shoes in ballet dancing.
    There are many good exercises to strengthen the inherent muscles of the feet without using pointe shoes and to develop strength and control of the arches of your feet.
    One basic exercise on pointe is strengthening of the feet. I recommend strengthening the feet before getting the pointe shoes as to get more strength on your feet. This will also help in better Pointe technique and once you start doing it keep it up when you start professional pointe classes. A simple exercise like rising onto pointe, slowly pressing down to demi pointe and then pressing back up onto full pointe, will help to build up more strength.
    Hope these tips and techniques will help you advance Pointe for your ballet dances.

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