Pointe shoes and the age factor

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As a former dancer, I have always believed that a dancer should not go on Pointe until at least 12 yrs of age. My granddaughter is 10 and half years old and her teacher is pressuring her to go on Pointe. I do not believe her arch or turnout is strong enough to do so. What reading material can you recommend for us to research?

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  1. Harry

    This has become a common hearing that girls should not go on Pointe until they are ready. Most books say that 4 years of training are necessary to build up the strength and flexibility. Also, they recommend that the proper age is about 12 or so, just as a matter of fact. Too early and the bone and ligaments are not yet developed to the point where Pointe work can be taught safely. The books emphasize that too early Pointe work can lead to needless pain and possibly even career ending. There are two books that will surely provide some guidance. One is The Art of Teaching Ballet, which includes interviews and observations of 10 master ballet teachers. The other is by Suki Schorer and the name is Balanchine Technique. Besides, Linda Hamilton in her book of advice for dancers that was published not too long ago. She is the dancer who has an advice column in the Dance Magazine and this is for sure that in the past she has mostly advised against premature introduction of Pointe work.

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