Problems related to the Pointe ballet shoes?

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I would like to know, how one can judge that their Pointe shoes are too old to be used. Recently my ballet teacher provided me with a second hand Pointe shoes. Place where I am currently living, as no Pointe shoe shop or store. It is becoming really difficult for me to wear these Pointe shoes, as they are literary eating away my feet, I guess it’s because the Pointe shoes are too old.
I am in need of some exercises that can help me get satisfactory arch as my arches are not that high. If there are any exercises that can help me get strong ankles and feet, please help me know them. I would like to have visuals of such exercises. Hope to get a prompt reply from your end.

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  1. Mitchel

     Pointe shoes are of no use, when they are simply a source of pain, and instead of helping you out in maintaining a balanced posture on Pointe, they make you fall every time you try to stand on them. All such symptoms are associated with dead Pointe shoes, even if they are too soft and bendy; they are of no good use. If your Pointe shoes, have all these features they are deemed to be thrown away. However, if a new Pointe shoe hurts it means you simply need to change it. One thing that should be kept in mind is that Pointe shoes mostly cause allot of pain, and they can be adjusted using pads and cotton.
    Releves, is a best exercise for strong ankles and feet. Try doing this exercise eight times on one foot which makes sixteen times on both feet, theraband exercises are also good for strengthening the foot muscles.

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