Is the age of nine suitable for Pointe?

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My nine years old daughter has been taking classical ballet lessons since the age of four. This year teacher asks her to start Pointe but she has a lot of cracking sounds from her ankle whenever she moves. I am much concerned about it. Should she start Pointe or should he wait till twelve?

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  1. Marie

     Your daughter is quite young actually so should not start Pointe in this age because the ankle and toes of nine years old child are not much strong to do Pointe. She should wait till the age of twelve or more to do Pointe. The reason of cracking sounds from her ankle is due to her young age and due to weak ankle. This is Childs growing age so it is advised to avoid Pointe in the age of nine or less than nine. One another reason of cracking sounds from her ankle may be the improper placement of her feet during ballet. Body should be balanced during ballet and Pointe. In the age of nine, girls do not have much idea of balancing their body during ballet that is why they get such problems. One another reason can be of weight. If she is too fatty then she should control her diet and should take the proper diet suggested by any ballet and Pointe expert. Please check whether the instructor has perfect knowledge of all ballet and Pointe related things including proper diet for it or not.

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