What is the suitable age to start Pointe?

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I am 14 years old and I have been taking ballet for 6 years. I have strong leg and ankle muscles, my turnout is great. Am I ready for Pointe? I am fond of ballet and Pointe. I am not too fatty. Should I start Pointe?

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  1. Marie

     Most of the young girls love to do ballet and Pointe and they want to get knowledge about it especially about the proper age to start ballet. There is a great controversy about the proper age to do Pointe. But it is confirmed that young Childs like 9 years old should not do Pointe due to many reasons. One is they are quite young. They have weak knees and ankles. They do not know the proper way to do because of young age. But teenagers can do Pointe depending upon their practice and physical structure. If teenagers used to do ballet and have much experience of ballet then they can do Pointe as well but they should choose a proper instructor who is well aware of all the things and problems related to ballet and Pointe. Many ballet schools say that girls can do Pointe in the age of nine but some schools say that girls should wait for their teen age to do so. You should contact with the proper trainer of ballet and Pointe for it. He can guide you better. There is also a proper diet for best results of Pointe. A good instructor can help you in this regard also.

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