Can I start pointe shoes in ballet after 5 months experience?

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Hi I am very fond of ballet dance; I am searching for the content to learn it since long time. Now I am in the process of learning, I need to know that can I start point shoes in ballet if I’m only 5 months experienced and I am a really hard worker.

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  1. Angelina

     Pointe footwear is a kind of footwear damaged by choreography dancers when accomplishing pointework. Pointe footwear evolved from the desire for dancers to emerge weightless and sylph-like and have developed to endow dancers to promenade on the tips of their toes (i.e., en pointe) for expanded time span of time. They are commonly damaged by feminine dancers, though male dancers may wear them for unorthodox functions for example the unattractive stepsisters in Cinderella, Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream, or men accomplishing as women in promenade businesses for example Les Ballets Trockadero and Grandiva. They are constructed in a kind of colors, most routinely in shades of lightweight pink.

    Girls who have taken choreography for 2-3 years and are of age 11-12 should only be on pointe at the recommendation of their choreography teacher. However, some young women at that age assembly may or may not be prepared for choreography pointe shoes. This is due to their personal power in the legs and very significant, watch out for their feetfirst. Certain kinds of feet need a certain method of choreography pointe shoe. So, habitually believe feetfirst.
    This should be determined by their choreography educator and by a educator who has had know-how of employed herself in choreography pointe shoes. PLEASE manage not have a male choreography educator conclude if your young female is prepared to proceed on pointe.

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