please answer this everyone ?

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please help me first off i'm 15 male my dad just spanked me for my first time i called him a a*****e and threw a xbox 360 game at him he took me to my room and put me over his knee and spanked me 20 times over my pjs then he took my pjs down and spanked me 20 times over my underwear then he yank my underwear up my butt and ask me he ask me to place my butt up in the air then he spanked me with a studd belt 10 times then he pick me up over his knee and ask me to lay flat on my bed then he pulled my underwear down and spanked me 5 time with the belt and then he grad my butt cheeks and spread them open and he told me my butt hole was dirty and then he pick up my underwear and wipe me b******e and told me first thing tomorrow before school i will be spanked again then he pulled my underwear up and told me to take a shower do u think this is wrong

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