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How was Marilyn Monroes early life like can you please tell me ASAP because I need to talk about early life. Please help me and sort it out.


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  1. John


    I am assuming you mean Marilyns childhood when you say early Life. Norma Jeanes early life was spent with a foster family, and then briefly with her birthmother, next she was watched over by her mothers best friend and other associates, moved around from distant relatives to friends of the family, spend some time in an orphanage, returned briefly to her mothers friend and then Norma Jeane got married when she turned 16.

    Rather than emphasizing on her glittering showbiz life. One should look for her early life, when she was just a child and suffered on different stages, whether she was in the orphanage or molested by an elder. Her miseries cannot be covered easily, as there is a huge list of misfortunes. There are a lot of hidden realities of her life which one cannily easily understands.

    I hope I have given you some good piece of information regarding her character and early live. Overall she was a soft hearted woman and love nature and served the overall society. From Norma Jeanes to Marilyn Monroe, she was a successful woman. But her inner pain and sufferings are rarely discussed in the open fields of discussion.
    I am happy to be of your help. Please ask me if you have any other question in your mind.

    That was her early life.

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