pinhead sized bugs congregating in my bathroom.

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Hi, I've recently been finding some very small pinhead sized bugs crawling throughout my bathroom. They don't seem to cluster up or move in large groups, but every time I wipe them with a towel and flush them, more come back to the same place. They seem to like my sink, the top of my toilet, and almost every part of my shower. I've sprayed all sorts of cleaning chemicals around these areas and they just keep coming back. I'm going to try some different bug sprays today, but I would really like to know just what they are in case this happens again.

Like I said, they are the size of a pinhead or a period. They seem to be brown with a red tint. From what I can tell they have about (I would guess, due to the size) six legs. They may have antenna, it's hard to tell if that's what those are in the front or if they're just more legs. They move at a moderate rate. Not fast, but not slow. About as fast as an ant. They're clingy, so if they find something they like (skin or a towel, or really anything but tiles), they can be hard to get off. They don't group in masses or mounds, but do like to hang out in the same places. Typically each spot will have about 20-30 of these things, depending on how long it's been since I've wiped them up. It's been about five days now since I first noticed these things.

I don't have any photos as of yet, nor do I have anyway of looking at this closer than I have.

I hope my information isn't too vague.

Thanks for taking the time to read over my problem. Hopefully I'll get these pests cleaned up soon.  

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  1. Mitchel

    You seem to have the issue of garden mites, these insects are entering in your bathroom from your garden. Moisture is what attracted them, and they took refuge in your washroom. The best solution to stop them from further congesting your bathroom, is to keep your bathroom clean, it should be dry at all times.

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