picture of clint walker's twin

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I would like to see pics of clint walker's twin are there any and how do I see them

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  1. Guest28166698

    Photo of Lucy.

  2. Guest28166698

    She was Lucy Westbrook. Fine artist too.

  3. Guest24949949

    Valerie Walker Petrie daughter of Clint Walker


  4. Guest23587946

    My mom dated Clint Walker at Alton High School in the '30s. Said he was a true gentleman. (She married a similarly handsome war hero who'd gone to Marquette High across town.) They're all gone now, of course, but they had an aura of authenticity and integrity that today's stars somehow can't match.

  5. Guest19446632
    My dad went to school with Clint Walker and dated his Sister Ceal.
  6. Guest17882865
    She is buried near Alton Illinois.You can see a picture of his daughter Valerie Walker Petrie by typing in her name and the words daughter of Clint Walker was a pilot.It isn't a very good picture but the only one I know of on the net.I live in Mo and his sister lived about 50 miles away in Illinois.I was in the same hospital for tests that she was in.
  7. Mark Jones
    Clint Walker was born a twin. His twin sister, Lucille Walker, passed away a few years ago. Not much information is known on her, which is why there is a lack of pictures. Sorry!

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