pangkat etniko -cebuano

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plz. help me!!!!!!!!on mwah project

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  1. Guest28144351

     Ano ano ang mga pangkat etniko :

    Hindi ko alam sino sasagot?




  2. Guest23888860

     dpt all positive comments right?


  3. Guest19831325
    Ito ay pangkat etniko na may malaking populasyon
  4. Guest19815681
    The Cebuano people, or "Sugbo-anon" in Cebuano, are a Visayan ethnic group in Cebu and form the second largest cultural-linguistic group in the Philippines.[2]The early people on the island were Austronesians who settled in Cebu around 30,000 years ago. They introduced a sea-faring ocean-sailing culture throughout Southeast Asia, the Polynesian islands and Madagascar. Like the rest of the population in the Philippine Islands, the Austronesian tribal groups, which became the Malay people encountered the Negrito population on the islands (Negros and Zambales).[3] The early Cebuanos held animist beliefs and worshipped anitos (spirits) until the introduction of Roman Catholicism. Muslim traders from Malaysia and Indonesia established trade relations with the islands between the 13th and 16th centuries, at the same time introducing their religion to the indigenous population and being organized into a variety of tribal groups governed by chieftains called datus and rajahs. Both Spain and the United States colonized the island between the 16th and 20th century, achieving its independence from colonial rule in 1946. Today, the population of the island of Cebu stands at around 3,850,000 people.[4] A number of Cebuanos also have ancestries from other local Ethnic groups in the Philippines; as well as foriegn ancestries from Chinese, Spanish and among others. [edit]Culture and festivities Cebuano culture is traditionally characterized as a blend of Malay[5] and Spanish[6] tradition with influences from the United States and other Asian culture. The majority of its population are Roman Catholic[7] and there are also some followers of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and among others. Among the island's notable festivities are the Sinulog[8] festival which is a tribal and Christian festival celebrated annually every third week of January. [edit]Language Distribution of the Cebuano language in the Philippines. The Cebuano language is spoken by about 20,000,000 people in the island and forms the largest Visayan languages. It is the largest native language population and the second largest spoken language in the country[9], the other being Tagalog. Most speakers of Cebuano are found in the Central Visayas and in certain parts of Mindanao. Other notable foreign languages spoken includes Chinese which is spoken by its Chinese community; and among others. THATS ALL THANK YOU ~~GENESIS~~
  5. Guest19326213
    anu-ano ang pangkat etniko magbigay ng larawan.
  6. Guest10217814
    ang pangkat itniko ay makisig
  7. Guest10058180
    ano ang pangkat etniko magbigay ka assingment namin kasi eh
  8. Guest10022977
    plzz kc may test kme bkaz
  9. Guest10022977
    hi ano ang pangkat itniko
  10. Guest10022977
    hi ano ang pangkat itniko
  11. Guest10022977
    hi ano ang pangkat itniko
  12. Guest9984290
    pwede mag tanung..... ano ang mga pangkat etnko sa viasyas? kasi kailangan ko ito bukas...
  13. Guest9925426
    pwede p**i answer namn plss..
  14. Guest9727218
    pangkat ng etniko ng cebuano?

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