pakistan or india better in milltry power?

by Armughan  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I think pakistan what do you think?

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  1. ZZ

     Yes i agree with you totally and there is nothing to be taken wrong in your answer it is quite clear. America is trying to play with both the countries and both these countries still looking to America for how to for how to live in this world. Come on be grown up both the countries are given independence in 1947 and are still looking toward other countries which are economically strong to help them out. Its the strategies that define a country and Pakistan are having no sort of strategy to handle with issues which are there in front. So India are in very bettor position then Pakistan. 

  2. Guest13718709
    Is this a trick qustion, if you really look at without looking into all what each country has, there is a much eaiser way to determine who is leading the military might and economical powerhouse; just look at who is amercia backing and you would know who is doing better. india is no longer dependent on the west which is why the west is runing to india for every chance it gets. nuclear deals, business deals, visa deals i don't know what is next. the war of the world is no longer won by the military means but economic policies; while india is on the moon pakistan still has loadshedding problems. pls do not take it the wrong way but it is better for the two nations to get along rather than fight.

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