pagislam. swremonya ng pagbibinyag ng mga muslim

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Today i met Muslim Filipino, he was using a term pagislam. I tried to figure out the meaning, but there is no sense of that term. Please help.

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    my research lead me to the same conclusions as derived earlier.

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     Pagislam is a Filipino word known as Islam, Mostly Filipinos call pagislam instead of Islam. But there was a thread in which I was watching a person has written the meaning by dividing this word in to two, He said Pag word means morning and Islam word means religion Islam, by combining them it makes Morning Islam. Other then this there was a blog post in which a Filipino writer used Boys are circumcised (pagislam ) in their early adolescent age. It means it is a social activity during a marriage between men and women in Asian countries. It means Pagislam is the ceremony circumcision of boys in their teens, as practiced by the Tausug people. I am also confused about what is the right meaning of this word. But after the long research I found out the meaning of this word from my Filipino face book friend he asked it is an operation launched by Philippines government Integrated with Provincial health office of Philippines. This operations is known as Libre Pag Islam - Operation Tuli, It has benefited 770 patients is sulu with the help of Governor Abdusakur M. Tan’s. He has Conducted First Sulu Barangay Health Workers Congress in partnership with Integrated Provincial Health Office and supported a great moment against the malaria diseases.
    For more information about Libre Pag Islam - Operation Tuli, you can visit site for the information regarding Libre Pag Islam - Operation Tuli,

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