pagbasa ng tekstong akademiko at propesyonal

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kahulugan ng tekstong akademiko at propesyonal

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    Professional Statement, Sample 03Back to Top
    I first became interested in Statistics the summer after my sophomore year. As a rising junior, I was accepted into the Summer Pre-Graduate Research Experience (SPGRE) program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which gave priority to rising seniors. I had the honor of working under Professor in the Department or Biostatistics. Since I had not been exposed to a course in either probability or statistics, the summer was a learning experience as well as a research experience. We covered basic topics in probability and statistics, and I was exposed to the statistical programming language 545. I also had the chance to attend meetings to get a feel for the type of communication skills a biostatistician needs. We wrote a research paper entitled "Measuring measurement error variability in pulmonary lung function tests." After that nurturing and educational experience, I jumped at the opportunity to come back the following summer.

    Last summer was as enjoyable and provided a different experience. I was able to complete a four day, sixteen hour SAS course conducted by SAS Institute. I was also able to play the roll of a biostatistician on a research team. Our team, made of four biostatisticians and one sociologist, presented our research entitled "Factors predictive of gender differences in violent behaviors among African-American adolescents." From the combined experiences of the two summers, I like the idea of having many different projects in which to conduct statistical analysis. It invites the excitement of learning new things with each project.

    From the Statistics program, I expect to gain a strong background in statistical theory and techniques for conducting advanced statistical research. These skills will be an important tool in pursuing my goal of becoming an effective research biostatistician. After receiving a Ph.D. in Biostatistics, I hope to pursue an academic appointment at an institution of higher learning.

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    ahaha chillaX mga dude!




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    bwisit na site ito!!

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    hndi lht ng hinahanap mo sa net e meron...


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     bobo nyo nman. naghahanap kami ng kasagutan ndi katanungan. mga tnga

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    bobong website toh!!!!

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     tang na!!!!!! nag hahanap nga ako eh!! pag sasagutin nyo amn ako!! LOL

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