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My oven is not working properly. I think there is problem in its window. Could you please help me to fix my oven.

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  1. James Augustus

    Gas and electric ovens are easy to operate, and also simple to repair, because their components are specially designed for quick disassembling. You do not need any special knowledge for it. Anyone can repair their oven without spending much time. The only thing you need is little know how, s***w drivers and the manual given by your oven maker. To fix your problem, you need to follow instructions given below:
    The problem might be because of your oven’s front panel door (Fascia). Fascia glass panel problem is very common problem on many makes of oven. It is the result of not following the instruction during cleaning the oven given by the maker of the product. It is sometimes result of placing a pan on the glass when the oven door is open; or the external glass sheet that is loose.

    Internal glass is originally sealed with high temperature resistant silicone. You require eliminating the front sheet (Fascia) to get access to the internal glass. This is normally fixed in place by screws around the frame holding metal brackets that in turn are glued to the front glass. Remove the screws to lift the front glass to get access properly.

    If it is the external glass sheet, then these are normally fixed in place by small metal brackets that are glued to the glass, and then screwed to the frame. It is quite common for the glue joint to break between the glass and the bracket. You can use the same kit for repairing the bracket.

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