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Hello, I started writing a book, out of curiosity and almost finished it. I asked my family members to read it and most of them till now says it is good and would like to read further. Now i want to complete the outlay of the book and i am stuck at it. My book is about murder, s*x, extortion, greed one party framing another etc. Can someone please help me!

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  1. Danial

    Book layout is very important part of publishing a successful book as your book gets the reader’s attention at first instant through it. In order to make your book successful, you must make sure that your outlay is perfect. I would advice you to consult a local publisher. They will help you better. But before talking to them you must know all the important factors of outlay.
    Below is the list of factors that are important while designing outlay of a book:
    1. Book Page Layout & Design
    2. Contrast
    3. Alignment
    4. Repetition
    5. Proximity
    6. Software
    7. Page Size
    8. Margins, Header/Footers
    Since, you yourself are a writer, you can manage the titles and tag lines at your own, but only an expert can provide you better details about the factors I mentioned above. I will advise you to explore your local publishers, get reviews of them and then give contract to the best one.
    Best of luck with your book! Do let me know when it is published I would like to read your work!

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