online friends are better or the real friends

by Musab  |  11 years, 10 month(s) ago

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online friends are better or the real friends

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  1. Guest23888009
    I believe that real friend are better and ur parents haven't taught u that already? Real friends can help u out with things they can come over and hang out at ur house and its someone that u actually kno instead of trying to meet someone online who might say that they are a kid but really isn't u never kno

  2. Guest16269093
    Real friends are better because you know, see, and can hear them. What if that online friend is a s*x predator?
  3. Kyle Stone
    I believe real friends are better than online friends because they would be available when you need them...'A friend in need is a friend indeed'is very true about real friends. Online friends are good enough with certain limitations for the time as far as you are in contact with them.You can share your experience,feelings,thoughts with them and you can learn a lot of things from them as well. But the real life is quite different and difficult than life over internet.So it demands more from a real friend than somebody online,so you need someone with you in hour of need ,,,,who can laugh with you,you can have his shoulder to cry on,he can help you when needed regarding anything and with him you can feel that life is there.This is just a feeling keeping you alive.
  4. Guest12564
    online friends are better becuse they don't don't have that much influence on your personal life as compared to the real ones

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