List of old Hercules movies.

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I like to watch Hercules movies, can you tell me about some of the good Hercules movies, what are their names and when they were released?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There were many Hercules movies which were released since 1950s and 60s. One of the very first movie of Hercules was Conquest of Mycene and it was released in the year 1963. Another movie about Hercules is “The Fury of Hercules” which was released in 1961. The movie was directed by Gianfranco Parilini and the stars of the movie were Brad Harris, Luisella Boni and Mara Berni. Another movie by the name of Hercules was released in the year 1997. The director of the movie were John Musker and Ron Clements. Hercules was released in many versions. It was also released in the year 1958 and in the year 1985 Hercules 2 was released. In the year 1964s Hercules against the Moon Men was released, Hercules and the captive women was released.
    Hercules in New York was released in the year 1970. Hercules in the Haunted World was released in the year 1964. The legendary journeys of Hercules were released in different versions. Its first version was released in the year 1994 and the name was “And the Amazon Women”, its second version was released in the year 1994 also. The name of this volume was “The Lost Kingdom”. The third version of legendary Hercules series was “The Circle of Fire” and it was released in the same year. The fourth version of the Hercules series was released in the same year by the name of “In the Underworld”.

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