Name of an old war film

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I remember a film about ww2 concerning a raid on a channel isle to bring back a cow to Britain. Do you know its title please?

I hope you can help me

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    that was the 1951 film \"Appointment With Venus\" which starred David Niven and Glynis Johns. In the USA the film was re-titled \"Island Rescue.\", no reason to understand why they changed its name, even its original name was quite fascinating. This 90 minutes movie is considered to be an epic classic of that time.

    It was a quite famous film of that era and was the adaptation of the Jerrard Tickell novel of the same name. Ralph Thomas was the director and the movie was produced by Betty E. Bo. Its outstanding screenplay was exclusively written by the novelist Nicholas Phipps.
    Like David Niven and Glynis, George Coulouris, Barry Jones, Kenneth More, Noel Purcell, and Bernard Lee were also starred in this movie.

    The film was based on a true story where an incident occurs at lderney cattle from the Channel Island during World War II. Right after the fall of France, in the year 1940, the Armorel was occupied by a German small garrison of right under the supreme command of Hauptmann Weiss. While leaving the Provost in charge, he also finds that the Suzerain (who was the heredity ruler) is away in the army.

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    Glad to be of help, still have questions then do consult me again.


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