Where to find old TV play?

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I am looking to find an old play I think it is called The drystane dyker it was shown on tv many years ago.It was about an old man who was a drunk and wild story teller of his war days which no one believed. Only after his death did they find out he was telling the truth, when they found his medals. Someone please help me finding the play. Where can i download it from internet?

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    Hi there,

    THE DRYSTANE DYKER, written by James Duthie, was originally produced by BBC Scotland and received the Harry Govan Memorial Award for the \"Best Scottish Drama\" of that year. I don't know what year it was produced, but from his other work it seems likely that it was in the late 1970's.

    As you remember, it is a play about Robbie, a drystane dyker, ex-soldier and alcoholic, who is haunted by the demons of his past life as a soldier, when he had to kill his fellow man.

    As far as I can tell, the play has not been published and does not seem to be available for sale anywhere. But you could try to contact the playwright directly if you are interested in producing, or even just reading it.

    According to, the playwright, James Duthie, are 62 and is a former fisherman who lives with his wife, Margaret. The couple has two grown-up children, and lives in the coastal fishing village of St. Combs. James worked as a fisherman from the age of 15, and only started writing at the age of 40. His promising career as a TV writer was cut tragically short by the onset of Crohn's Disease. Despite the subsequent onset of osteoporosis, a heart condition and depression, James has continued to battle with his ill health and has thankfully now regained his creative urge to write. Address: 18 East Street, St. Combs, FRASERBURGH, AB43 8ZX. Telephone: 01346-582196

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