Value of old movies and reel to reel.

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My father passed away in January. I inherited his reel to reel projectors, old movies and his old movie reels. The vhs movies include Gene Audrey, lone ranger, hope along cassidy john wayne. The reel to reels includes old cartoons, 3 stooges, and westerns. I am not sure what to do with these. But would love to sell them possibly to someone who knows the value of these items and would appreciate them, Can someone tell me that?

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    Dear, while I do not personally collect most of these item (the VHS tapes might be interesting, depending on what titles they are); You can post details about them on online Movie data base websites and on facebook, twitter, and make pages on different social media websites. People who are interested they will contact you directly and you will find all you required there. Hope this would help you. Best of luck

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