Title of old movie about a museum painting.

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I have been trying to find any info on an old B&W movie that I saw MANY years ago (50s or 60s) about a painting of a house in a museum. A person at the museum who is looking at the painting is drawn “into” the house, becomes part of it and cannot go back. Can you tell me the name of this movie? Someone please tell me that.

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  1. Guest28281173

    Maybe, The Picture of Dorian Gray, a movie made from the novel by Oscar Wilde?

  2. Guest23638133

    he movie you are trying to find is a classic film, 1955: In the Picture, 'A Strange Landscape in Need of a Little Light'. Starring Alan Badel.

  3. Guest23280133

    Hi, I have been trying hard to find the answer to this question but I did not find any information. The movie you are asking for is a very old and no one can find the name of movie with such a short plot description. You should give the name of cast or director or producer in it. I do seem to remember though, that it was not a movie shown in theaters. I think it was one of the TV movies on Hallmark Theater, or one of those shows that did 1 hour shows and sometimes full length shows, now called made for TV movies. Sorry I can't help. I have been trying to find that out for over a year or so now. No luck.

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