Title of an old English war movie.

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I am 58 years old and I am trying to find out the name of a movie I used to watch in LA in the late 50s or early 60s probably on Channel 9 if it is not celluloid history.
I think it was a British movie about a pilot or soldier who becomes a prisoner on a German Cruiser or Battleship. They put into some hidden bay to make repairs and he escapes onto the island where he wreaks havoc with a rifle while they are trying to lower men on scaffolding to repair the ship. They send men to try and find and kill him & eventually become so frustrated that they turn their heavy ship guns on the hillside trying to kill him. They eventually make repairs and start to leave when they are ambushed by the British Navy who is waiting their departure, all witnessed by our lone hero on the island. Do you know the name of this movie? Someone please help me in finding that.

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  2. johnmatt

    There are so many english movies which are based on war.Which special you want?? I just see Sailor of the King on star movies.It was really awesome.

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    Hello there:

    This was a 1953 English film called "Single Handed", starring Jeffrey Hunter and Michael Rennie. It is also sometimes known as "Sailor of the King".

    Interestingly, the film was shot with two endings one happy, one sad. Preview audiences were asked to vote for which one they liked best. The film was shown in January this year on English television (Channel 4), under the second title, with both endings.
    This film was based on the novel Brown on Resolution by C. S. Forester and (despite being mostly set in the Pacific) recorded on film in the Mediterranean Sea. Jeffrey Hunter stars as a Canadian boat crew assisting on a British warship who assaults single-handedly to hold up a German World War II warship long sufficient for the Royal Navy to convey it to battle.
    I hope this is the right answer to your question.

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