Old Christian film seen at camp in the eighties.

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I have been looking for any information concerning a film that was shown at a Christian camp I attended around 1980-82, I cannot remember the exact year. The film was on a reel, it seemed to be from the late sixties, early seventies. It featured various people, mainly young adults and some children I believe, singing religious songs and giving testimonials. The people were not actors, this was shot in a sort of interview style and I think the background was pretty dark. The one thing that stood out is that most of the people were either mentally handicapped in some way, missing various limbs, or had some other type of difference from other "normal" people. I hope I gave you enough information and I hope you can help me find this film.

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  1. ZZ

     I had also seen that movie it really touches your heart because the movie is focusing a very critical issue.  

  2. jamiestone

    I have watch the passion of christ movie.

  3. Tom Reeds

    The movie that you are talking about is “Scars that Heal”. It was released in the year 1993. The movie was directed by Rocky Lane. The movie was written by Rocky Lane too, the cast member of the movie include John Shepard. The movie initially got a lot of success but later on it was criticized by some. The scene that you have talked about are from the same movie that i am talking about , however there is another movie that can contain the scene that you are talking about. The movie American Hero also contains the scene that you are talking about so it is better that you can check both the movies and see what is the one you require most.

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